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Last year’s squash



Last season I sent for squash seeds (Sweet Meat – Oregon Homestead) from Carol Deppe, the author of “The Resilient Gardener”. Unfortunately the seeds arrived in early May, which was a bit late, as she was overwhelmed with demand, and was trying to reply to all the personal letters she received.

I decided to save most of the seed for the 2013 season, but sowed a few seeds last season. Some of them were destroyed by slugs, but 2 plants grew well. I harvested 4 squashes, all about 1.5kg. The fully mature squashes should weigh about 8kg. However my immature ones have kept well. We cooked half one with Christmas dinner, by cutting it into cubes and roasting it with oil and rosemary. It tasted quite sweet which was remarkable as it was not mature enough to develop seeds. The flesh was about 4cm thick with a seed cavity 4cm across, which is smaller compared to flesh thickness than any other squashes I have seen. This is one of the characteristics Carol is aiming for.


The challenge for 2013 is to start the squashes earlier, avoid the slugs, and transplant them without damaging the tap root.


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