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Seed Swap - Herefordshire

Thank you all – old friends, and new  –  for coming to this year’s event in February. It was a fantastic day thanks to your generous donations of seed, plants and advice. We are also very grateful to those who were able to offer a few pounds donation. Thank you! The money raised has ensured we all have another brilliant day next year to look forward to and for everyone who is interested in coming to feel welcome regardless of their circumstances which is the reason we keep it FREE.

We are ever so grateful to the wonderful Courtyard who support us by offering us such a great venue for free, too, and such a good price for the use of the studio for our talks.

!Calling all serious seed savers!
Seed guardian Adam Alexander has helped set up a little group to grow some HSL seed so we can preserve interesting old varieties. If that’s something that would interest you please get in touch!

You may also note the addition of another name on our team of organisers – welcome Kevin. 

Please stay in contact if you’re on Facebook – Seed Swap Herefordshire. If you want to have a reminder for next year join our email list by emailing Suzanne (see below).


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Stay in touch – Di, Frank, Katya, Keith, Kevin, Melodie, Netty, Suzanne, and Tony

More information: Suzanne Noble 01531 671004 or Suzanne@swapseeds.org.uk

Thanks to all our likers! Please tell your friends and if you’re on Facebook, please ‘like’ this page and go to our Facebook page –  Seed Swap Herefordshire – to stay in touch! Thanks, seed swappers and see you there!