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Seed Swap - Herefordshire


 …has been and gone for this year we’re afraid. Sorry!

Seed packets on a table

This year’s swap was better than ever, with a great talk on seed saving. It was lovely to see the throng of friends old and new converging on this year’s event with boxes and bags of seeds and plants, and as always, a great opportunity for meeting new folk quite as bonkers about growing things as we are.

We chatted and shared growing tips as we pored over the seed packets, scouring the table for gems and stocking up on reliable favourites. Our gardens should be bursting with colour and full of veg this year if all our seeds get planted!

Thanks to your kind donations and contributions from our stall-holders we are all set for next year…but before we sign off please stay in touch if you’re on Facebook – Seed Swap Herefordshire – and if you want to have a reminder for next year join our email list by emailing Suzanne (see below).

 Get involved:
 If you think Seed Swap is a good idea here’s how you can help:
-  Come along and take part!
-  Save seeds and pot up cuttings 
-  Tell friends
-  Share with 
groups and schools
-  Share on Facebook and Twitter
-  Share your ideas
-  Sponsor Seed Swap

Seed Swap receives no funding. It is run on a voluntary basis and we rely on donations on the day to keep it going.

Keep in touch!

Di, Frank, Katya, Keith, Melodie, Netty, Suzanne, and Tony

More information: Suzanne Noble 01531 671004 or Suzanne@swapseeds.org.uk
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Thanks to all our likers! Please tell your friends and if you’re on Facebook, please ‘like’ this page and go to our Facebook page -  Seed Swap Herefordshire – to stay in touch! Thanks, seed swappers and see you there!